Happy 2021!

Will we conquer this virus this year? Who knows? It’s been a strange old festive season for sure. A sombre Hogmanay did loom over us but we stayed up late, had a drink or two, and ate lots of things that we don’t eat at any other time. Toasting each other late I still failed to stay up later than the youngest! There were apparently lots of gatherings broken up by police in Herts, which is not all that surprising but it is disappointing for stopping the progress of the next strain of Covid.

A lovely South African white wine.

It’s too darn cold to venture out on NYD too. More chocolate methinks? I received notification that I am still needed for exams next week so there will be activity on Monday but the activity will be staggered, with the different schools and colleges being opened on different days.

There’s definitely weeding to be done…

I have some more seeds to plant after my shopping last week, and some more toilet rolls to fill. There are similarities with past years as well so I don’t need to list them but there is a mixture of direct planting in Feb and greenhouse growing. Shall I follow my poppies and try them all inside? It’s cold in the greenhouse too. I left it a little bit late last year so it’s about finding a happy medium.

But I’ve waffled enough! To all my readers, and there’s a few more than last year, have a glorious gardening year and feel free to send me suggestions for a hopefully post lockdown year. Happy 2021 everyone!

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