Crathes Castle

This is a gem of a garden! We visited it after the rain on the last day of our Scotland trip. It’s near Banchory near Aberdeen. It’s got one of the most fantastic gardens and it is/can be viewed from windows in the castle as you travel round the tower. However if you have vertigo or balance issues stay in the garden! It has steps too but the most beautiful parts are walkable, and more easily navigable. There are steps but it is negotiable mostly. I got a few moments of panic when I found my way to steps which had no handrails but having made my way up and down scary spiral stairs (which all had serious rope handrails) in the castle I was already heightened to my biggest fears. Spiral stairs are not my bag!

Lots of raindrops!

The garden is also laid out in regions and as it was late summer the colours were rich oranges and blues. There’re some beautiful garden rooms, and routes through vine covered arches. As we arrived after the severe rain, lots of the garden had shiny and glistening puddles, but it just added to the beauty of what we were looking at.

Amazing topiary sculpture!

There was also a fabulous gift shop and cafe in the stables. It was not a visit which was over in minutes, we were there for several hours. I bought myself lots of things!

Snails are a hosta problem all over the country!

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