Dark and cold it is!

The wet weather has been trying to make an appearance. It’s cold too! Can I just say how quickly December has happened? All of a sudden I have all manner of Christmas-related things going on, and I have money flying out of my bank account quicker than it goes in! I don’t need to be buying school jumpers now but I don’t want Squeaky to get cold at school. I imagine they are still ventilating all the classrooms while running the boilers to maximum? Covid19 is still a thing and we have to be aware, even while being allowed lots more freedom.

Spikes of cases locally are still rather high and it is alarming me to still be doing a job that pushes me into areas with those spiking cases. I have lots of LFT kits as we’ve been taking them to businesses and showing the caring side of the council. But I’m nervous nevertheless as we still don’t know how people get it, do we? Friends disappear from our few social contact areas and we discover that they have been Covid19 ill and isolating.

Still negative!

The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that I had it briefly in 2020 and have had exacerbated MS symptoms since. Long Covid is a thing and my proximity to lots of hospitals during that spring before we had tests or hospitals were closed for non-urgent appointments makes me wonder whether my excess fatigue and severe gut aches were how my weird body reacted.

Reading in the hairdresser wasn’t garden-related for once!

I feel reluctant to be outside now (unless it’s to collect a string bag of logs for the fire) and it’s bothering me that I haven’t planted some of my bulbs? I will have to toss a coin and hope that the sun shines one day and I can wrap up in my waterproofs and use my kneeler and uncover an area desperate for spring bulbs under the plastic sheets I put down a few months ago!

Merry Christmas gonk from Spain!

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