The yellow daffodils are gone!

I’ve deadheaded so many daffs and seen lots of new flowers unfurling! It’s my favourite time for being in the garden for sure! I spotted a white bluebell and more deep purple tulips with fringes. Love, love, love those!

But deepest purple irises too! Lovely shades! Need to dig up some things and plant some things now!

But things happen slow at gardener with limits land. I buy plants but have to weed before they go in. Which is a labour-intensive way to garden… I’ve spotted snails in my tulips too! Not sure whether they were munching. Inside my compost bin are a couple too and that green bin will be full of yellow dandelions. Lots along the verges and I’ve seen posts on local media saying how much they love to see the yellow dandelions everywhere. Believe me, mine won’t be missed!

But there is lots of loveliness at the moment. My hard work last year was worth it. And spending my pennies on bulbs, plants and trees has definitely been worth it!

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