What died of heatstroke/late freeze? And what is coming back…

This gardening business is weird! I thought I was getting on top of the worst of the weeds then some more come along to taunt me! Fake nettles do pull up easily but the dark bees seem to like them. And I’m not sure what those bees are? Almost burgundy/black in colour? But they love fake nettles.


Borders with big spiky dandelions? Those seem to be growing like the clappers too! Why didn’t the heatwave kill those for me? I’m filling up the garden bin with so much at the moment that my compost bin feels neglected! No it doesn’t, don’t be silly! We fill the little compost caddy almost daily so it is helping to create good stuff with all that shredded rosemary!

But it looks like my salvia didn’t survive the cold spell or pruning… unhappy face… things are definitely growing in the bed but not the salvia.

But I’ve planted a couple of things. Filling up the old Belfast sink with a fatsia. Some ranunculus and an aquilegia I bought. Well it had pretty blue ish purple ish flowers. Some seeds were sprinkled for good measure.

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