New ventures?

I have a lot to think about, but my garden is possibly losing out again. It’s a weird time between jobs/contracts. I want to find something that I really enjoy and can take pride in/ownership of and I obviously need to try the new things to know. So I shall rely on my garden to give me peace and calm during the transition time.

And lots of things still need planting. I’ve been out for almost an hour and seen and pulled a lot of dandelions. As my regular readers know I really don’t want this plant in my garden. There are lots growing all over the city I live in and as the first Garden City I believe they are left to grow in enough places, including the small grass strip by my house which i believe is not ours, and I only cut back the brambles and ivy which grow on the wrong side of the wall.

But there are lots of things growing currently that I need to eradicate to allow the things I want to grow to flourish. I can almost list the areas which allow things to flourish that I regularly find myself in doing hard weeding and pruning. Sorry dandelions are not needed, despite the friends who keep advocating leaving them. They just keep coming back! There’s so much for the beasties too. There are many crawling over the daffodils and bluebell like flowers I definitely planted last year. Brambles! All over!

However I probably need a subscription to weedfinders anonymous to make sure I do pull up the right things. There are small nettle like things, and things growing up around the things I just planted. comments requested!

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