Hot hot hot!

Ok I enjoy being able to clear and plant in areas which were improved last year but I’ve actually found some unusual things to put into new areas. The area between two sheds where the greenhouse initially lived was so covered in the yellow perils and brambles it’s taken me two hours this morning and two hours late afternoon to clear weeds and introduce some new things. I’ve added some black irises and some deep red penstemon and with a crossed finger, some black eyed Susan, or rudbeckia.

Not sure what these are…

Some deep red crocosmia just for luck! And I’m aware how redhot that corner is and it’s only the start of April.

We spent a lovely hour at the rescue centre with the dog we are hoping to adopt. She is a labradoodle and a bit bigger than I thought we’d get but our visits have been so positive so far. She even gave me a lick which is apparently not something she does for everyone. Squeaky also got a little head butt which is very good for her.

Will this ivy kill the apple tree?

The garden needs to be very tidy so it’s a priority over the next few weeks. Maybe I’ll fit in going to a street party or two, as well.

Lavender maybe needs a trim too?

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