Sun’s Out! But it’s Freezing out there!

First tulips!

Lots to do! Must get busy!

Cherry tree planted!

I dug up a space for my cherry tree and incorporated iris and peonies. Spider lily bulbs too! Bought on my travels round local supermarkets. Some of my online purchases have gone missing annoyingly. Said it was delivered on Thursday but same company delivered on Tuesday and D was home all day on Thursday and nothing appeared.

Spiky weeds!

I’m pulling up lots of these spiky dandelions and D pruned lots of my roses and shredded them. He shredded lots of the rosemary bush and the smell was glorious. The new compost bin is filling up with lots of good things to make compost! Hopefully it will break down the cardboard I put in there last month.

Front garden is full of things about to burst into flower!

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