It’s some kind of Spring?

The middle of March has seen rain and sun. I’ve been out planting some hostas and campanula today. It involved pulling up some Ivy suckers and dead leaves. But it’s not definitely warming up. The sun came out late afternoon and the daffodils were golden.

But I will be out over the weekend if I can, as there is lots to be done. I know that I need to sort out lots of trugs and planters and boxes that are full of rainwater. Maybe we need another water butte?

But on the premise of Mothers Day shopping I was left to my own devices and it rained most of the morning… but I was surprised when I returned home to find my last years birthday present had been purchased! An afternoon shredding the pile of buddleia and putting the shredding into the compost and the pile is seriously diminished. And we have wood for the fire pit.

What are these beasties?

I have lots of things still needing planted and visiting Wilkos saw a few more things falling into my basket… we are going to have a beautiful garden this summer! If it kills me! There are lots of things popping up, even where we uprooted the Holly bush! Only four or so weeks ago and there are shoots appearing. Hopefully I’ve balanced the sizes and colours!

Tomorrow will be interesting as Dan gets to meet the dog in the shelter we’d like to offer a home to. Hopefully if that goes well we can bring her home soonest. Fingers crossed 🫶🐶🤞

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