Days off!

We had an anniversary outing to see a show in London! We did! And The Unfriend didn’t disappoint! It was a stellar cast and it was only travel glitches that didn’t help. Strike days meant taking a train into London didn’t appeal. When you book theatre tickets months in advance you don’t really get advance warning of strikes but the day was enjoyed nevertheless.

And it was my intention to spend the following day relaxing with hubby but he hadn’t taken a days leave so I’ve been in the garden til the rain came on. Wind has had a mischievous time throwing stuff around so garden keeping has been largely carrying plastic to the household refuse and pulling out dried up flower stems but it’s difficult to concentrate on one area when the previously neat piles of plant pots are blown in every direction.

A garden shed still needs replacing…the greenhouse needs repairing and I need to find another job. The latter being a priority but tidying any space is probably going to be my go to task in avoidance!

Peony buds are really bizarre.

We have so many daffodils today. I did hear a bee out there and the blossom on the trees that gave us little orange apricot fruits last year is really abundant. Introducing new fruit trees has definitely helped with the cross pollination and fruit appearing. Getting the hang of pruning to encourage fruiting and flowering. Speaking of which there are definitely roses in need of hard pruning as they are soaring too high. Shorties like me struggle to reach the highest blossoms.

Roses need pruning!

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