Life is Strange!

Sometimes things change so fast that you find yourself thinking ‘wow how did I read that SO wrong?’ I am looking forward to a few days of behaving relaxed!

Crocuses flowered…

My gardening agenda is to plant a few things and keep clearing the wind blown rubbish out of the garden. We have had a minor wind disaster as the side gate has shifted and started to tip over the car outside. Seems our gate wasn’t as well constructed as I thought. We were quoted vastly different sums for putting a gate up, but I never thought it would be needing a repair already…

We might have to have the garden pet safe again but not immediately. More on that no doubt in coming weeks. But that also means double checking the plants I add for their dog safeness.

Luckily Chloe, our recent dog, wasn’t interested in plants or digging, but when our next pet gets to come home, what reaction will they have to the garden? Do I have anything else to put in the front garden which shouldn’t be accessible to a canine? Should I ask the rescue place?

Snowdrops are still out!

So a couple of days off, and the weekend. Looking forward to not stressing and being as calm as I can be. Did I mention I’ve started HRT? It could be working…

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