All cleared up!

The snow has disappeared as quickly as it arrived!

Last week really was a challenging one! My job hunt went up a gear, and lots became appealing! But the job applications were not a piece of cake… I will just put this out there, I don’t do podcasts, and I should! It seems twenty and thirty somethings do this as a habit. But as a slightly older person, I don’t really feel it. I am not so keen on the idea of having to set up a camera focussing on me: flowers are much more visual, aren’t they? Beaches too! And architectural features! Books?

I contributed to these books!

I’m not OCD but I do like what I like! If I knew how to do it maybe I should set up a doodle poll: what do my readers want to see? Which features do you most enjoy? Do you want more posts or less in a week? But often I talk to myself! And no one answers me or they do it on Facebook…

A snap from our NT visit last weekend…

Tomorrow is an interesting day. I’m not sure whether it will be warm enough to try and plant some more of the new things that arrived through the post, ordered months ago: things are sent out by nurseries when the plants are meant to be replanted… I knew that, didn’t I?…

My last life drawing at The Settlement!

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