Blooming snow! Will my flowers survive?

This was massively not a desirable outcome! I was happy to NOT have snow.

Fair weather person I am, so I’m reluctant to head off out. I have a prescription to pick up, if the pharmacist has received the order! But even something practical like that isn’t tugging me into the car.

It isn’t piling up, however. But it’s changing from rain to snow by the minute. I could hear raindrops crashing on the kitchen roof light, walked through the house and could see snow falling, and circling back to a silent kitchen.

And I’ve been trying to apply for different jobs and an email we received this morning was asking me to make a film reel of myself… I think children may be asked for their help! I’m not sure how to make a show reel to be honest and I probably need to write some stuff down!

Jobs are necessary to survive the rising cost of everything and it’s not easy to know where my true skills fall. I’ve done a bit of too much. Anyone got some spare time to help me if the kids don’t? 😳

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