Definitely snowed…

Out and about for work and just as I started heading home, there was definitely a flutter of snow. As the ground is very wet there’s not much chance of snow settling. Fingers all crossed 👍🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

That puts paid to my gardening exploits if it gets colder tomorrow but that also means I don’t have to go out and about again.

Gloves are all over!!!

I bought myself a gardening knive while I was out and will be using it asap. The garden bin is mostly full. Buddleia can only be added in short bursts when I can not feel wheezy! We have decided that the buddleia might be for the ultimate cull (too close to the house) but we may find usurpers because the cut branches had lots of seeds and I was ignorant…

But this evening saw lovely light! Beautiful wander around the garden and lots of things are appearing! Weeding is definitely needed…

Definitely a weed!

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