Life goes On…

Okay, infections are still high, people are trying to figure out how we live ‘normally’ again and I wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear a mask! There I said it! And I’m pleased the people in this country don’t seem to be taking the word of any Tory as gospel. Certain figures are being mocked openly and I think we are not going to stay out of Europe for long. (That is possibly my most optimistic thought!)

Hellebore in Anglesey Abbey

On a personal level I bought a new book for my kindle on Menopause and I’ve read lots of it already. What I had put down to MS/Autism/sexism, could be my own body going into menopause. I’ve started HRT and already it is helping. I just need to remember to do a snowdrop walk tomorrow and my optimism will go through the roof! Life in a garden may well help!

Cleared of mushy apples which went into compost!

And we went to a NT place with an awesome snowdrop collection so I’ll post about that too! I’ve had a lovely Sunday wander heading beyond Cambridge to Anglesey Abbey! It was heaving with small people for their Alice in Wonderland themed entertainment but we did all the right things to avoid joining any endless queues! A garden centre was visited as well. I bought some blue primroses, blue violas all to refill the pots at the front which were dried out in August.

My favourite Silver Birch glade…

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