Tidying up rubbish!

Gorgeous sunny February! Never have I felt those sentiments before and I am most surprised to find myself out doing tidy ups in the back garden. I wanted my oldest to help but she has retreated to bed. Seriously I was building up to contributing to her Korea fund but she says ‘too tired’ when I suggest it!

For me it does improve my wellbeing and mood to start to clear the rubbish which has been loitering or being blown around and I’ve pulled up a few dry stems and dried out weed seed heads.

Buddleia being hard trimmed!

Some dandelions were de-headed in the making of this blog but as I have flowers aplenty I can’t be blamed for starving the bees. In fact I haven’t seen many bees yet this year…

Spiders are present and busy creating webs all over the house and in the garden. I’m not great at catching those on my phone camera but when they glisten after the rain it is really special. Ooh I’m getting soppy today!

The buddleia bush is favourite to get the heave ho as there are fears the roots may cause the same issues as the holly bush but I need to look up the root type! As it was, the wild rose had such a long root that it may have been a culprit too! When plants are trying to survive who knows what they do. To be honest my preferred garden would have less plants and more architectural features but you need to consider run off and drainage. Digging a huge pond is still an option!

I have collected lots of leaves and uncovered lots of primroses and little spring flowers.

Snowdrop from below.

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