Cold but productive morning!

It’s February, remember that, and we have been out for most of the morning, digging and hacking at the wild rose in the front garden. The roots for that were extensive too, so that could also have been the penetrative roots found our drain. A lot of hard work to extract it and lots of replacements (bulbs and bedding type plants) have been put into the hole that appeared. I’ve put in gladioli and little festuca glauca and a little blue plant I liked the look of.

Anenomes are flowering already.

The front pots have been planted too. Removing some of what didn’t survive the July/August heat spikes last year.


I have to say being so productive this morning has helped my general mood. We have had our challenges this year with plumbing , transportation, and health. I’ve started HRT and it doesn’t seem to be causing any problems. I’m applying for other jobs as my contract runs out soon. So it’s all change!

I think these are Anenomes.

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