This February has been unlike any other!

I’ve had lots of things happening to me this week which have been unpleasant. But I’ve had my little blog to take me away from reality, and dream of being surrounded soon with lots of flowery prettiness and a different garden to the one we inherited seven years ago. And by that I mean the garden had another person’s imprint on it. It was full of the things they enjoyed and I could live with but wanted to change…

And it is SO different now. I’ve blogged about it for four years and because years vary and remain constant, there have been things I keep wittering on about. I’ll change this and that when I can afford it, and I’ve done things and run out of money. Having a job has increased my spending power but reduced my time and energy. I still write like I’ve done/managed a lot but there are areas I avoid with my camera and closeups of flowers can take me days to compose.

Halfterm without holiday to take and ongoing wisdom tooth extraction issues (dry socket?) have made this a funny old week. I’ve had the day off and ended up back at the dentist, and have had mouthfuls of the softest foods I can find. Plus getting told I was close to someone with Covid the day my oldest and I went to her school to see a drama production of the 39 Steps. (It was set in Scotland and I feel their drama department didn’t have access to a Scottish speaker. There was the anglisation of lots of terms which left me howling. Luckily it was a comedy, not like the film!) But having to do LFTs with a swollen mouth…

The plumbing disaster looks like it might be recurring as there are still flushing issues. I’ll leave it there (TMI) and just rejoice in the replanted space which enabled me to create a whole new palette of things that are currently appearing elsewhere. All this and the daffodils are not the first glorious blooms this year. They are there but haven’t opened yet.

I’ll show you the things that are out today!

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