Contemplate, cogitate and ruminate…

Have you ever broken the law and didn’t get caught, if so how?

The good thing about cognitive issues? Seriously, I don’t remember! Have I broken the law? I don’t remember! And I’d refuse to comment until a court appointed representative writes down my cognition inhibitions. I forget too much to make it legally binding!

And then am I autistic? Can I look you in the eye? My empathy is fleeting but focussed on randomness. The programme Chris Packham (the formerly spiky bleached hair I remember is long gone) has produced, is a window on autistic experiences.

So far it’s not been my experience – as a mother to an autistic girl I am only at a question stage as to my own status – and I don’t know whether my response to the programme is neuro-diverse or not? But it brought a lump to my throat and my eyes were watery when the letter to my mum addressed growing up not knowing how a mother felt about her child. Hot damn that made me weep…

I also choked up when the autistic actor read the profound words of mute autistic Murray. No, truth is I blubbered! His automatic flight response to hide was evident but his word were so moving. It must be so hard for his erudite dad (Ken Bruce of Radio 2) not to be able to speak for him but this programme gave Murray a voice.

I look forward to the next episode.

Whose been nibbling my plants?

PS the first title/line was automatic and generated by the new WordPress hosts Jetspace. I’m not going mad…

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