And the truth is, we have found more snow drops! The one I found in the front is tiny! First year planted so maybe that’s why? Or it could be the genus as I was intrigued, when I looked it up, to discover there were lots of different snow drops! Much like snow flakes? So I look forward to more popping out!

Not quite sure why my pics keep going in and out of focus…

Lots of thing are popping up! Strange triffid like red stems that presumably I planted and might be something exciting? Like a new peony?

What are these?

But there is the untold benefit of leaving tags but the purchases from Wilko among other garden centres don’t always include such helpful items! Note to self, when replanting areas get some tags!

Lots of these little orange buds! Think they are crocus but need to go back and check pics. I’ve used pics of the bulbs in September I think!

Dwarf crocus species chrysanthus fuscotinctus is what was written on the bag. Looking forward to seeing those as they looked interesting on the label! Little orange flowers with interesting patterns?

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