Sorry I can’t shpeak!

I had trepidations this morning as I had a wisdom tooth removed. I think it’s opposite the one I had extracted under anaesthetic. Given that was done at least 8/9 years ago under the NHS and in a major hospital, it was traumatic compared to today! I’m waiting for the 3 (yes 3) injections to wear off but I’m grateful for knowledge that is around now and the neat way the extraction was done.

I went private (boo hiss) on the advice of a Scottish friend living here but it has been the best, if slightly pricey, move I made. The kids go NHS to the same dentist so it’s not all cost.

But given the many injections and no hot food for 24 hours I’m glad he gave me a glucose drink beforehand.

It’s a beautiful day and the sun is shining! We have had the defunct car picked up and are picking up another on Sunday. A plumber is booked to sort the toilet drain at some point. Whether it is blocking up because of our use the issues we’ve had seem to indicate the drain under the house is blocked. It’s under a concrete floor so it going to be difficult to access. Nobody mention rats…

I wandered outside a few minutes ago and took some camera pics and I am slouched on the sofa writing this. The garden is always gonna be my happy place when there are things to see.

These I shared /took last week.

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