An afternoon in the hairdressers before eating for England!

I had a long old session in the hairdresser and it was SO busy! First weekend of February probably means it’s the first ‘do’ since Christmas for most and some have just been paid. For me it was the amount of time predicted until the grey was too prominent!

But as it was predicted birthday weekend plus car purchasing and the garden hasn’t been approached today. It’s TOO cold! I might manage ten minutes tomorrow?

Is this appropriate today?

But a hot fire raging beside me is also stopping me…

By special request Colin made an appearance…

And I managed fifteen minutes pulling dead stems out of the box which overhangs from the drive before grandma arrived for the 16th birthday celebrations. We are adjusting to life where she is not able to understand much of life around her, but I am sad for the independent life she’s lost.

But later taking pics as the light was faded, I spotted the first snowdrops! Thought there must be some if the crocuses are appearing… And we had a lovely meal for four at a local restaurant just the four of us! (The same restaurant where the MS friends had been lunching when I popped in to book!)

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