The start of 2023!

No gardening has been done! Some sales appealed so plants are arriving in February/March, but we wandered around a very muddy Wimpole NT yesterday and a very busy Cambridge today! I ended up with free books when I went to pay, and my store card had over £20 in tokens. So I was taken by the new book Joe Sugg has written about his newfound gardening interests… I also got an half-price air cooker cookbook, which the bookseller got very enthusiastic about its benefits for a vegan! He was amused at my reason for buying it – to understand what I can make in it, as it (the AF) was bought by my husband and I have no idea how to use it!) – and I think my husband welcomed us having a cookbook as I think he has just been using it ad hoc to reduce his fats and carbs to lose weight.

TV fireworks!

So a wander round Wimpole saw me craving a dog to walk! There were all manner of dogs from the tiniest to the virtual gun dog!

We struggled finding something to eat as the eateries were heavily oversubscribed. The girls had noodles before we went out (as they were without breakfast) and maybe I should have eaten some porridge as I was seriously starving by the time (nearly 3 pm) we got near the front of the queues…

Cambridge also had a lot of visitors and we struggled to find a place to have lunch! However when we did manage to get into a burger place we had the tastiest food. I commented about how busy they were to the server and he said it was exactly what any food business needed after the pandemic! Food for thought!


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