First green bin collection!

2023 is promising to be different! I just spent an hour filling the garden refuse bin with a lot of spiky bush… the spiky bush which I can’t seem to eradicate from the front garden had gone mad again and it was causing tears and rips in clothing as people (myself) went past.

I think it’s quite ambitious to want a tree of this calibre! #ancient woodland

I had spent a lot of time today getting frustrated so being destructive to Spiky was hugely satisfying. I did get one thing sorted which I am very grateful to [Harry] for but other things I had no control over, I will just have to do some meditation over.

But the few minutes (?) in the front garden exposed more discarded garbage from people passing the house. I don’t go to Macdonald’s (it’s a nightmare to get to) but someone had chucked their left over cup in the garden… litter makes me so cross.

I’m just hoping that the excess recycling we had to put out for tomorrow’s collection won’t be ignored by the collectors in the morning. We are in need of another recycling bin, but I think they are trying to change one of the collections to three-weekly and I can’t see it working well given how out of synch the Christmas holiday has made us… #beasECOasyoucan

Picture of front hedge to follow…

Addendum: we pay £40 for the green bin and it wasn’t collected yesterday and I can’t remember if there are some weeks that don’t count in January… but I used my husbands flattening tool and it is much less full! I can eradicate more if we have outside days 🫶

PS: It was today (19th) and we hadn’t put the (full) bin out but one of the collectors took it off the drive, which he didn’t need to do! Full marks to the collection today as it was COLD!

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