I should have predicted rain!

Fair weather gardener here! Nope 👎 it is my least favourite weather – I’d rather it snowed – and despite the house having lots of weatherproof coats in it, I really don’t like wearing them by choice…

One child has headed out to meet friends on the train to Cambridge (weather didn’t affect those plans!) and the other is under instruction to allow us to cross her room to access the radiator! It won’t happen without serious magic! Either on her part or the children’s bedroom fairies need to be called upon!

I also have a medical issue. I am itching like crazy! It’s not funny and I need to know whether it’s something that I’m ingesting or something that’s manifesting, is it related to menopause or medication or MS symptom? Who knows what I can do to stop this? My skin is not happy, I am not happy and my mysterious ailment is not helped by any of my ointments. Do I need to have an oatmeal bath as was recommended during pregnancy? Which was the last time I had anything like this… no I’m not pregnant, am I? I am going through peri menopause if anything. Too busy planning gardens to be worried about that!

And waiting for the New Year to begin, I can say yes it’s been weird but 2022 life was better than pandemic existence. We know we can catch stuff really easily but flu is the current bed blocker in the NHS. Keep safe and well in 2023, folks!

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