Approaching a new year…

It’s only a few days away! 2023! Goodness I am meant to have resolutions made – to be instantly broken – and plans for gardens to be visited!

One of my resolutions?

But I won’t do that as it’s incredibly tedious! I will need to get off my perch on the sofa and go outside. But I won’t!

We visited some shops today and purchased some reduced items. My husband and I have new outdoor jackets and I can resign my yellow coat to gardening duties. It was an absolute bargain when I bought it and it had an air of an expensive brand rather than the supermarket where I found it, but it’s taken on the wear marks of a well loved garden outfit I think.

One of my purchases today was a serious bargain, only because I picked up a coat which had been wrongly positioned in front of a sign saying it had been greatly discounted, and the store honoured their mistake, so a nearly hundred pound coat was mine for thirty! Result! The staff were not at all bothered! I would suggest that management were thin on the ground…

I have some things to plant… I can hope for mild weather tomorrow and find myself getting a lot messy, or I can revert to the couch potato I have been imitating for weeks now and continue watching repeats ad infinitum…

Who is betting gardening wins?

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