Shopping just for the sake of it?

I was delighted at the disappearance of snow/ice from the roads as a fair weather person/gardener and I tootled along to Hitchin to sit in traffic queues… it wasn’t super busy but there were a lot of cars going in my direction.

I can appreciate the pipers on this one!

I bought treats rather than necessities (oh smite me down) but after lots of time being frugal I figure if we can’t do it now, what’s the point? I have done two large grocery shops and today was really about treats.

I’ve given money via the kids to charity and rather than sending lots of cards, I’ll do another donation. Some people have received my gardeners cards which had flower seeds impregnated in the paper. These weren’t the most special cards in terms of design but I liked the recyclability aspect. Planting the cards somewhere appropriate and seeing what flowered? I also have some books which may be posted…

Going to Hitchin meant I could pick up luxury foodstuffs from the Britishest of our biggest chains (which probably isn’t even British owned anymore and the food shop is quite petite) and picked up some rather lovely juice in a can and a crayfish salad. Yum!

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