Day 4 or is it 5 of snow!

I am noticing a strange phenomenon: my little gardening blog is attracting readers in the snow! Welcome to the musings of an erstwhile gardener! Many of you wont know I started this up when I was visited by some MS Trust ladies who interviewed me for Gardening Week. I started blogging not long after, first on blogger, then moving to WordPress.

I am not doing this for money, just to have a voice that records my thoughts and gardening exploits. I’ve killed a lot of plants! I’ve bought a lot of plants and I’ve planted in my general ignorance a lot of things that hate my garden conditions! I see things I like and I yearn to make them grow and change my outlook from all the windows in my house.

I started the blog when I was only working for a local college as an invigilator and I’ve tried different jobs in the last few years. I am only on a temporary contract now so I yearn for a new challenge! I do! I’ve realised the spending power allows me to search beyond my favourite Woolworths replacement. I click order a little too quickly on my iPad!!!

I am happy to hear from you! I will make some plans for next year to visit some more gardens and will no doubt be weeding hard by the early part of 2023!

Google keeps sending me montages of flowers I take a lot of photos of, so I will attempt to share some of these with you! But truth is I can’t find them!

Some not so perfect shots!

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