Getting close to my holiday!

I’ve taken a load of time off in the middle of December and I’m really not sure what I’m going to do with myself. Gardening? Hmmm that’s not very likely but the likelihood of snow has hit the lowest odds ever.

Tree has been up and decorated for a week now which means I can’t even plan to do that. Christmas shopping is in the balance as we have bought for most of the people we see. But I have been too productive as it makes me tired just thinking about wrapping but I’ve bought lots of reusable Christmas bags so no longer buying paper to get chucked away!

But I can see detritus has been blowing round the garden and we have been visited by more cats making the desire to adopt a dog is getting stronger. I really want a small poodley cross but prices are too high. I’m monitoring dog shelters…

Jobs for December? Anyone got any suggestions? Tidying the greenhouse still doesn’t appeal either – we’ve lost some key panels- and I should have tried some seeds again…

Snowmen in Hitchin

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