More lights this Christmas!

I bought some lights online and we ventured out to a garden centre for my hubby to purchase some solar lights for the shed. I bought some which I have pegged to the clothesline. We are trying to stop waste but seriously everything is packed in so much cardboard… I know that some people are masters of the recycling of cardboard and using it to mulch the garden but not me, yet!

We don’t agree on everything by any means but I am being made to think about most things twice. Running the washing machine and dishwasher through the night is something we are trying to do but we are slowly realising how much we use these appliances for real. Piles of dirty dishes waiting for the nightly run to finish is actually pretty horrendous and not aesthetically what I’d like to achieve. I’d love the kitchen to revert to nothing on the surfaces…

Holidays are getting closer and I am going to make the most of my down time. I might do some gardening but tomorrow I am doing a life drawing workshop while the kids go Christmas shopping with their dad. I am almost done with mine.

Solar powered lights!

The cold is getting more intense. I have some bits to plant. Can I will myself outside? Will I? Watch this space!

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