I have done bits…

My love of the garden is faltering… I think of a job that needs done and I get nowhere near it!

Things were bought in Scotland and I want to dig them in, but there are apples all over which need picking up. I should probably harvest some and make sure I stew and freeze or bottle them. What a waste otherwise!

Everything beautiful ends up with a bit of dead wood beside it?

That buddleia I talk about is pruned to my head height but needs decapitated but that involves a stepladder! I don’t like stepladders! Plus I look at the bed and realise I’ve been a bit silly. There are actually about four plants, none of which seems in distress, but which create a veritable forest in that bed I only created a few years ago…

Almost see the buddleia base…

I compare it to the other buddleia I have planted and none have fared as well. I need to discover why the plants grow so well in some places but terribly in others. I can see the green bin being overfilled for months to come.

I want to do more but I’ve also experienced dizzy spells more in the last few months and I don’t wish to faceplant into any particular bits of the garden as there’s not really anywhere in the garden that provides a soft landing. I’m working on improving the surfaces but it’s not my forte.

A weed? Or something I planted?

Rain has also returned since the beginning of September and I have an aversion to clearing up in the rain. I am just not on top of the negativity of the month and wish I could find a way of beating it.

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