Look what flowered for QEII!

The country is in greater confusion than ever and I swooped in on the buddleia to give myself a wheezing fit!

I found things flowering though, 2 of these spider lilies in different parts of the garden. I’m not sure when they are meant to flower but they are blooming lovely!

I was meant to be helping at a Green Festival today but my embarrassing emotional lability got me and I didn’t do it. I burst into tears a lot at the moment, what with losing the dog and my emotions at the Queen’s passing are way off the scale… I don’t consider myself a royalist!

Pull yourself together! I don’t seem to have enough stamina again. Let alone my allergy to whatever is present in buddleia, could it be the pollen when much of the buds are dead?

As you can see grass flourishes too in my garden!

But all this blogging doesn’t get my garden done. I need to work out when/what I can feasibly achieve before it gets too cold and I’d rather stay by the woodburner (which has a new woodpile by the way)! Energy crisis or no, we have stocked up and a new storage space is being built. Thank you D!

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