Starting Over…

I’ve been a bit quiet as we had to put our dog to sleep and it’s been tough for all of us but as they say, life goes on…

As we usher in a new PM, and wave good riddance to the last, I am also wondering how to go into the garden and tear out the dry bits and restrict the bad bits. I haven’t had the energy to study my new books and revise the decisions I had made and work out whether I need to nourish the things I consider my nemeses.

Unfortunately my budget isn’t huge and despite my mum recommending I pay for a gardener, my finances won’t stretch while there are raging price increases. Hubby said the small food shop he’d normally pay c£60 for was nearer £100 yesterday.

Needs culled! Or pruned at least…

I did however buy some seeds and corms a couple of weeks ago when in Perth so I do have stuff to do. I’m wondering what I can do to increase my energy levels. I haven’t actually done any exercises to try and get fitter. I follow MSers who are running the marathon and wish I had some of that get up and go – mine seems to have deserted me…

I’ve managed to stay in work for over a year and there is truth in the neuro advice that I can and should be working, but I just wish it was a bit more fulfilling, if I am honest, but I know I am in a safe place for now. A company did ask me to do freelance work but I am not keen to go there again. Nah not now.

RIP the dog x

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