Boring now!

September has gone badly from day 1. We had to put down our old dog and it’s left a great big empty hole. Dammit I even miss tripping over her! She was a good energy for the house and with both kids off to secondary school, it is weirdly quiet today.

Working from home without the possibility of a thump into a basket by my feet, or the clank of a dog bowl being searched for more of something, is unsettling and it means I am more likely to agree if I get pestered to visit the nearest dog shelter. Which is what seems to be discussed more over the last couple of days than I feel comfortable with. But I’ve bagged up the leads and dog brushes, scissors and frisbees, not to mention poo bag rolls and collars, and it’s amazing how much stuff has accumulated in three years.

It’s a funny world of consumer items for dogs but it’s so much easier to garden the bits near her favourite deposit spots. I’ve planted lots of tulips and alliums and anemones in this area and shifted some soil.

The woodshed is complete and we have repositioned the tottering stack which was delivered when we were panicking about the cost of fuel. Now one of the tidiest parts of the garden after a chain of teens, tweens and me shifted fifty sacks of logs. Dad masterminded the operation. Might have to try a fire tonight? Nah don’t be daft it’s a sultry September not arctic October.

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