The weather maps are hot!

Aerial views of the country are brown! Yet the shareholders keep getting healthy premiums? Water is needing spread all over these lands so it’s not just me who is reluctant to water and the landscape in our usually verdant land is being altered by climate change. Don’t tell me you’re a climate change denier? It’s happening in front of you!

My daughter has been watering a friend’s plants while she is on holiday and I am too tired to do much after my day of work and dropping off kid 1 at the hairdresser.

It’s embarrassing that my own garden also features more weeds than healthy plants. Of the 50 weeds in my new lovely book I can actually lay claim to nearly half of them…

These plums are so tasty!

It’s also seriously crispy in my garden. Tubs I haven’t thought were in danger quite clearly are not as indestructible as I’d like. This weekend will be too hot for me to do much so I’ll forgive myself for being a bad gardener and focus on staying personally hydrated and as cool as physically possible.

Dammit I hate this stuff! And it’s not a weed?

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