Start of a week of garden clearing!

So if Granny is going to start gardening at 530 as they do in Spain, lots can be done before I start work. I’ve taken days off so we can also do fun things, but my garden is destined to be so much clearer than it’s been for months. Unexpected events got in the way and drained me of energy but we had scrambled eggs this morning and it’s helping!

Not sure what these are! But a type of plum seems to be likely.

We’ve definitely been busy. That garden collection will be eagerly anticipated and I think we may be using the building sacks to hold over the extras.

Mares tail, valerian, golden rod and moss were being eliminated.

There are lots of brambles and overgrown grasses we’ve added to the garden bin. There were dried out branches on one of the trees I’ve pruned which just snapped off. The privet bush needs cutting down and the grass needs neatening at the back of the garden.

Granny raring to pull out weeds!

But we’ve already achieved a lot. I may do some more while the youngest and Granny headed over to the outdoor pool for a swim. Let’s see if I can take out lots of privet or weeds behind the log pile. Whichever is cooler and out of direct sun, wins.

What are these?

I’ll be honest I have killed plants this year. I thought I was fitter but I am having to balance my gardening with an almost full-time job. I am grateful for the work but it means I sometimes have very little enthusiasm for the garden and the dry patches of the last few weeks and the extremes of last week when temperatures in my car were 42 degrees and Britain broke temperature records on official thermometers. It’s not normal. Global warming is happening despite what the climate deniers tell you.

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