Family Dramas!

I can’t believe my life is forever living up to a Groundhog Day sequel. Four years ago my daughter ended up in hospital because of the excessive heat in the school hall so I was horrified to realise that my youngest very nearly had the same fate. I was told it was period pains on the phone but talking to my youngest it was because she nearly fainted in the same room… I was phoned by the same person who tried to get me to clear up the blood in the first incident so she knew exactly what NOT to say to me this time.

Aargh! It’s too hot for this? I don’t know what to think or do…

Gardening is far from my mind at the moment! There is a lot of shrivelling going on and the air conditioner is belching out cool but at a very loud noise level!

If we are to join Spain and France with megatemperatures, then we need to know how our thoughts/actions need to change now.

Normally sea breezes cool our little island, but currently we are miles away from the seashore!

Rowans everywhere!

We picked up Granny from the airport on Friday night (yes flights were delayed!) and she is revelling in the lower UK temperatures which currently are below 30. Gardening was begun at 530 as somebody else wakes up early! So lots of golden rod and valerian has been eradicated. My garden might get under control!

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