Boy oh boy!

Hottest temperature ever in the UK? I’ve been up since six and it felt like that should be my normal for the next few days… heat coming to us from Spain and my relatives are sheltering to the best of their abilities. Our air conditioner bought when I was first pregnant so 15 plus year ago is not as quiet to run as we’d like but for short spurts will be utilised for the next few days.

Rowans are popping up all over – I think we are in double figures now.

Garden is frazzled! I’ve put the hammock up but the poo patrol hasn’t been apparent over the last few weeks and smallest is baulking at the task today.

Fungus looks like a rotten apple but means the tree is on its last legs…

We’ve discovered a rather horrible fungus on the apple tree wrapped around some of the lights. Apparently that does signal the end of this tree but it’s still throwing out largeish apples. In fact both trees have bumper displays of burgeoning apples. We must make use of it all this year!

Hammock is comfy! And washing is drying well!

My gardening exploits have been foiled this year by unexpected health problems and my working for over a year – which I’ve managed mostly but with caveats. (I want a desk job and feel like the two older detectives on the tv show the kids keep watching… they cheered loudly when told they had desk duty!) Some of my job sends me out and giving out leaflets warning about the heat has been hard when my own health has been ropy.

Bindweed is all over…
No comment needed if you remember this…

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