Life lumbers on…

A heatwave is apparently beginning and I am looking to start taking stock of what I can get done before school is out and granny arrives and grandma’s house needs clearing. (The latter has been set now for three different dates). But it also involves a garden…

There is a reluctance on my part to do much as I am obviously not 100% well. We can only listen to our bodies and stop when it is complaining, whatever those complaints are they mean something.

Oldest apple tree has not stopped fruiting. Yet…
This lavender has gone mad! Might need splitting soon!

I’ve complained about all kinds of mess (house and garden) and nobody is stepping up to ensure we don’t live in utter disharmony but we are also appreciative of the outer world being a bit freer to visit, so it’s a delicate balance – two elder parents with health conditions need to appreciate when to scream when it’s obviously unimportant in the light of just living. I am not going to shut up about the health hazards lurking on the grass however, not when flies rampage around the cooking spaces.

I might have to revisit gohenry allowances to make the poop the only paid task… nothing else works!

And weeding of bindweed might also need to be added! Am I repeating myself? The triumvirate of my most loathed plants need adding to the poo bin and flushed away for ever! I wish?!?

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