It’s Lily Time!

Walking round the garden today is quite a treat! I haven’t done a gardening job in two weeks as I’ve felt rubbish.

But there’s loads coming to bloom. And I’ve got to try and get out tomorrow and do an hour of digging! Weeding will be part of that! We need to wheel the brown bin round and get some weeds into it!

But there are loads of lilies blooming! Some of which have been seriously nibbled! I sprayed a couple of amorous lily beetles and I am hoping I’ve saved a couple of flowers, despite the holey leaves…

We’ve spent a day in Kings Cross this weekend and did some shopping today. We’re running around all over to try and get the cheapest dog food and fruit and veg. I worked near King’s Cross for eight years in the early 2000s. And it has changed so Much! Google’s new HQ is very much still underway and there was an amazing food market! We had fantastic food, drinks, and ice cream.

Caledonia Road/Kings Cross canal

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