Not gardening weekend!

We had lots of fun seeing family for an 85th birthday. Grandma was very happy but kept questioning the candles on her cake! We had a picnic in the park and lots of people showed up and we caught up after the last two years of lockdowns etc.

It was super lovely and the selections of picnic foods were seriously scrumptious. All the kids have shot up in height and are looking forward to their next stages in life. Exam results are anxiously waited by T and C…

We had headed back to St Albans and experienced the usual parking issues as non-residents but it was lovely to spend time outdoors in the sun surrounded by the ancient trees of Verulamium. All super organised outside as the regulations for grandmas seeing us all had to be an outdoor space not a restaurant which we certainly would have done in pre pandemic times. (Grandma has enjoyed a lot of diverse restaurants in 85 years…)

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