Lethargy of midsummer!

I am struggling with motivation! There I’ve put it out there! I have lots to do but feel like I actually need 3 of me! My plants are getting neglected because of other demands. I have a slug and snail issue I’ve not addressed. My weeds are out of control and my enthusiasm for the garden is curtailed by the presence of little presents from our dog. I really don’t want to get another dog if this is the way the girls deal with the excrement.

A birthday present was suggested to me (some kind of shredder) but it hasn’t materialised and I am now tempted by something completely different. I’d like some kind of canopy or a pergola if I am honest. I know the pricing of timber has skyrocketed so I might be hunting for something that doesn’t exist… but I’d love for the blue clematis on the apple tree to find another way to show us it’s glory (slightly closer to the ground?) and show off its flowers.

However there are other things to consider at the moment, which make me conscious of how lucky we are in reality. Regardless of the family budget being tighter than ever, I currently have a job… which we hadn’t seen happening two years ago. And we do live in a lovely part of the country, minutes away from wild and luscious greenery.

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