Very British I am!

Moaning about the weather while claiming not to be doing NoMow May! I’d put out a load of washing earlier so it was almost dry, well a few things were decidedly damp still. So I got the strimmer out and I managed a couple of sweeps before the rain came on. I try and do this stuff in short bursts but there was no rain in the Met Office prediction past Wednesday… so back inside with all the washing! Why do I dry outside? Well we’re trying to cut back on using the tumble drier as it’s costly to run but it’s also not that effective so I usually find myself doing double work putting it in and then folding it over the clothes dryer to make sure it’s dry. I was not cut out for this life, if gadgets which don’t save my energy when it gives you twice as much to do. The dryer is our oldest household appliance but it’s on our ‘not to be replaced anytime soon’ list.

These red roses are too high to see close up! Obviously we didn’t prune them enough.

But I was enjoying strimming and I’m a bit sad I got rained on. There are very few spots in the garden which look camera ready at the moment, and I’ve even hacked at the roses already, some of which were looking rather brown and over their best.

These are the last of the white roses.

But there’s lots dead and dying! The daffodils are brown so their stalks need clearing. I’ve not got a fondness for too many daffodils but they keep growing. The hedge at the front is growing like the clappers too. I cut that a month ago and it’s looking woolly already. There are several trees growing in the front that I didn’t plant and not cutting what pretends to be grass has seen the most beautiful wildflowers pop up. But what to do? Will the Heritage pop round to tell me off? Mares tail is loving No Mow, and it’s not going to be popular if my neighbours start to find it popping up several doors down as it is tenacious like that. But it hasn’t appeared in my back garden so the house might be enough barrier!

First patch strimmed!

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