Am I an Armchair Warrior?

I just signed a petition! And was informed by Change that I have signed 189 petitions! Other petitions have been signed and created so phew! That’s quite a lot of activism. Not sure whether that has made a good deal of difference but it’s making me think…

The scent on this rose is stunning! Not my favourite colour…

I want to use my energy for good. I don’t have a huge amount of it (energy) but I think I have passion in spades. I attended a meeting about the local area on Monday and listening to some very interesting characters made me realise there are other people who feel strongly and are doing something about it. I just have to find a ‘benefactorial’ (is that a word?) place to work. Still hunting in these weird ages is not getting any easier. I still need to master the electronic job applications and find a place where I don’t need to work at home (all the time).

Irises are doing well.

Can I just be lucky again and fall into a job (there were two people before me who turned my current job down I discovered) or is that too easy? Easier to get a job if you have a job, but if you want a different type of work you still need to persuade the employer that you are the one for them. As my speech sometimes deserts me, I have a challenge to ensure my cognition doesn’t appear too faulty or declaring my disability won’t knock me off a shortlist. And don’t tell me they have to offer a disabled person an interview as it doesn’t always happen. Nothing you can prove but there you go…

Searching for work in 2019 was a bit needle in a haystack and word-of-mouth got me a couple of things. Applying for other jobs is still a lottery but I’ve almost got a year under my belt. Some places are definitely desperate for staff and may be casualties of the Brexit departures of EU nationals but I’ve got to admit my lack of languages has sometimes been a weak point. I worked alongside teams of translators in publications but I don’t think my visual skims of the text made me an expert unfortunately, but I know a wo/man who can…

Not sure which allium this is?

If I could find a garden fairy similarly to help me find an amazing place to contribute some of my other knowledge, I’d be laughing. Must get back to watching Chelsea for inspiration!

Sky last night threatened a stunning sunset.

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