A morning out!

We went to Jordan’s Mill and GM Growers as well as Arcade Nursery. I managed to buy plants at all of them and we stopped for lunch at the latter where an egret was splashing around in the mill pond. I have some lovely blue flowers (with unpronounceable names) from the Mill, a few salvias from GM and some osteospermum from the latter.

I love little trips like that but we are all now inside sheltering from the heat, except for the smallest who is in trouble with me as I discovered she has been putting extras on her GoHenry and has not done the room tidy we have been nagging her about. I will send her a message in a minute.

In progress…

I have been incredibly busy getting those plants and a few of the ones I’ve bought over the last few weeks (marigolds,hibiscus, festuca glauca and verbena boniariensis) planted. It’s been hard going clearing the area of grass, but it’s worth it. The bed looks really good! I am muddy from head to toe!

Some of the seedlings look a bit shoogledy!

And annoyingly some of my cabbages have been scarfed already. I have a lot of veg to add to beds but didn’t put any covers on. A couple of the newest plants were also uprooted. I wish I could catch the raven or crow we think is responsible…

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