Evening thoughts!

Oh boy! I am never leaving the grass for the month of May again! I have neglected the front garden and I have just filled several trugs with mares tail, a lot of which has invaded the ‘grass’ area in the front garden. It’s not a proper grass either as it has grown multiple things over the last few weeks.

This has flowered today! Among the mad grass!

Green bin gets collected tomorrow so I’ve literally made sure I’ve got my £3 worth this week. With costs rising I can’t afford to waste a collection! There are all sorts of things growing through the hedge. I would do it during lunch tomorrow but I think the youngest wants me to go to her school. The kids are all singing songs for parents and as her last term at the school I should really think about going.

Things have been dug up already from my planting spree last week and it’s so frustrating. I need a solution!

My veg garden has been decimated by the same thing digging up my plants?

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