Needed a Fan! I wish…

I’ve had a really rubbish morning after shouting at the kids about the mess in the house. A downfall of home working is that all the mess gets to me and I blow up. Not helped by the double glazing guy who came to the door offering me a new driveway… etc etc etc. I can see they are working a few houses away.

Shame it’s not the guys who actually have an appointment today to review the glazing bars which have all fallen off our front windows! Not in a happy place waiting for that guy…

Seven years in this house and lots of so-called improvements have actually left us with more headaches. I wish…

The bars we were forced to have on the windows have been falling off for three or so years…

By the time 1pm (my lunch) came round I was shattered and sweaty! I took a few minutes to cull some of the sprouting veg in the front beds and gave up after only a few minutes as it was stuck fast! Mares tail, sticky willow and dandelions are lurking, needing a good yank but it’s too hot now.

Wafts from these roses can be smelt a couple of metres away.

I have to say working from home has many disadvantages over office working. I don’t have anything to keep me on track, even team-working going out to places not knowing what to expect is preferable to this isolation to be honest.

I wish… I had a magic wand!

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