What happens when you just can’t…

And so much needs doing? It’s so tough when 3oclock in the afternoon hits and you feel completely drained… things still whir around my brain super fast. I had so many plants to dig in today. I’ve gone round the garden and seen lots I want to do!

Front box

We had a huge family argument however this morning and things I hoped would happen were being withheld. No privileges for the misbehaviours (room tidying needed) but it seems to have changed course already and no compromises are being held. Why do I feel penalised?

Adults went out and visited farm shop with a new cafe extension. We had a lovely roll with cheese and ham salad. Good for the diet? Maybe the huge G&Ts we are now supping negate that!

Vintage cars heading to Shuttleworth?

I came back from our outing shattered. I wasn’t even driving. But it feels a bit rubbish to feel tired on a bank holiday. Tomorrow will be wet I am told and all the planting will be hard to achieve so two days gardening wasted?

Maybe not. I have rushed out and tried to cut the grass before ‘No-Mow- May’ starts! But the battery managed one cut before it died. Maybe by the time we eat our barbecue the battery might be charged.

Acquilegia everywhere!

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