MP has replied…

With an unsurprisingly boring reply. I sent off an email to say how unsurprising the Conservatives were being about a PM who lies. The full Sue Grey report isn’t in and while the PM is swanning off to India after his trouncing yesterday, no one was accepting that he is a complete scoundrel, and my MP couldn’t possibly comment. Oooh nothing like a correspondent who doesn’t actually say anything…

So I will have to remain on the fence and impartial. All views are unconfirmed. But the gardens looking lovely.

Are these Ukraine violas or is purple too black?

And given my feelings I’ve gone out for a mishmash of pictures of things growing in the garden. Not necessarily the most beautiful but there are a lot of buzzing and pollinating things busily going from clump to clump! I can’t pull up dandelions fast enough!

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