Easter weekend!

That came round quick and I’ve been listening horrified to the outrageously low fines you get for ignoring your own rules in Parliament than you do elsewhere in the country. One rule for them is definitely what’s happening and if I hear how important the Prime Minister is to the war effort once more I will vomit. The war is in UKRAINE and we are here in the UK wondering what the heck Bozo can possibly offer when most of the EU ignore him in meetings. Not so important in the beginning of the war but let’s get him secretly into Kyiv? It really beggars belief.

Hats off to Dan Stevens for his takedown of Johnson on the One Show, flooring the presenters with his deadpan delivery! Touché!

Lots of people have taken against the PM staying in power, from actors and sports personalities to members of Parliament who’ve resigned rather than be seen to condone what he’s doing. Fines are definitely not comparable to the ones given out during lockdown so I don’t understand what purpose a £50 fine has when one politician’s wife has billions, literally. £50 would matter to me, a £35 parking ticket was painful enough two weeks ago but when you earn £150,000 it really doesn’t cause any pain.

But it’s Easter weekend and I have been exercising all week using all the different garden tools and trying to plant lots of pretty blue and purple plants, as well as chocolate cosmos and salvias. I’ve decided the planters I bought last year need rethinking so I’ll move some of those over the weekend. It would be nice to feel the garden starts to look less like a work in progress.

And look at what flowered this morning! Different tulips.

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